Design Collaboration with WordPress in 2020

This last month I was running through tools that I use and trying to see if there were alternatives that I could find with WordPress.  I figured I could save some money and get rid of some of these recurring charges hitting my bank account every month.

One tool I have used regularly over the last couple of years is a product called Invision, it is a great tool that I have found to be helpful when working with clients on new projects and design collaboration. However, the monthly cost is something that I wasn't excited about with the many projects I was working on.

As a designer I do quite a bit of design in Photoshop and with Invision you are able to create a Photoshop file and target layers with certain characters, upload that file to Invision and your designs will be separated by those layer tags. This is a great tool when you are working on a Mobile App or Web Design project. I am still planning on using Invision for large projects that require better user interaction but for just simple designs and feedback, I have now turned to

ProjectHuddle is a fairly new WordPress plugin which was designed to give you an easy way to get client feedback and project approval, directly on top of your working projects. It brings a professional flair to getting quick, visual opinions on things such as UI mockups, photography, logo and print designs, and advertisements so that your client is not only satisfied with the finished product but comes back for more which for client feedback while designing a website or other graphics.

ProjectHuddle works behind the scenes and is completely customizable. There are no monthly subscription fees, you own your own data, and all your projects are self-hosted on your WordPress site.

Setting Up ProjectHuddle

Once you have purchased Product Huddle simply download the ProjectHuddle .zip plugin file which you should receive after purchase. I created a separate directory for this at Once you are in the WP Dashboard click Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard, and upload the file from your computer. Then click Install Now and Activate. You are now ready to use the plugin via the new menu item labeled ProjectHuddle appearing in your WordPress dashboard.

ProjectHuddle only has 3 menu items to choose from when it comes to actively using the plugin: All Projects, Add New, and Settings.

Mockups Section

This section will allow you to upload images and allow clients to comment on your design images. I use this section after building out a design in Photoshop and then export the images in .png in multiple screen sizes for the client to see how the website will look on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. It is worth noting that whatever you choose to title your project will be seen on the front-end by the client(s) leaving feedback.

ProjectHuddle Settings

Here you can customize projects to match your own brand. Click the Customize option to add logos to places such as your Login Form making you appear more professional to clients when they login ready to leave you feedback.

You can also change button and text colors, or add a default background color and more options.

Also located under Settings are options to have emails sent to site admins, a place to enter product keys for updates, and an advanced area for restoring previously deleted images and comments.

Project Huddle Websites

This was the best part of ProjectHuddle and one of the reasons why I purchased it, under the Websites menu, you can add a website that you are working on and take the embedd code and install this on the website, this code will allow your clients to comment directly on a staging or live site in realy time for feedback.

While understanding how you might use ProjectHuddle on projects for clients is important, it is also worth mentioning the cool things your clients can do on their end. After all, this plugin is twofold.

  • Access projects leaving constructive feedback on the exact areas needing change.
  • Multiple image scrolling for comparisons.
  • Ability to share projects with others and/or invite people to join comment threads.
  • One-click image approvals (Pro Version only).

Documentation and Support

Theme which is known for providing great support (check it out – nearly a 5-sta rating!). They deliver regular updates directly to your WordPress dashboard and are often adding cool new features. They also provide easy to understand and detailed documentation (despite being convinced ProjectHuddle is “insanely easy to use”). This includes a Getting Started Guide, a FAQ section, and an Advanced section.

In addition, if you are a someone who regularly has help from web designers in the branding of your company, I suggest taking a look at the extensive information available in the documentation.  Themewich does an awesome job outlining all the things you can do as a client to help create the perfect project in collaboration with your designer.


ProjectHuddle is $89 and includes unlimited projects, unlimited users, image comments, website project management and much more.

Conclusions and Recommendations

For those of you who work with multiple clients and projects in WordPress or graphic design, this is a great solution that can help you if you are trying to save money and don't want a monthly cost. ProjectHuddle is still growing and their team has been incredible with support and I would recommend definitely giving it a try. It’s easy to setup and use and provides an excellent solution to take some efforts in getting your clients feedback right away, this is one of the most frustrating things for designers and this has helped my agency with the many projects that we have.

Give Project Huddle a Try

Check out the following demos

Mockup Demo

Websites Demo

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